Nurse Diesel may be the best rock band you’ve never heard.

We’ve been around since the end of 2005, playing across Long Island. We started as a five-piece band, and scaled back to the current three-piece unit in 2007. Since then, we’ve been flying below the radar, not attracting as much attention as most other LI bands – but you can bet that if you ask any member of the more high-profile bands on the island, they know who we are.

We’re a rock band first and foremost, but we reach into any style we want and rock it. We’ll play Country, Reggae, New Wave, Rockabilly – all with the revved-up bite of the best guitar rock. And we’ve found that this fearless style works, no matter what we play. From the best Classic Rock to the newest Modern Rock, we can play it and make it our own.

After all, it’s all rock when you get down to it. We’re a band with no limits and no style snobbery. If it rocks, we’ll play it. Simple as that.